Electa Mondadori, Milano
2016 > 2016

Carlo Scarpa. Canova Museum Possagno

The Canova Museum of Possagno (1955-1957) inaugurates the serie of Scarpa’s masterpieces and represents one of the most famous works of the Venetian architect. Despite extensive scientific literature, Scarpa’s work caused always doubts arise due to the complex historical stratification of the place where it is located. Accompanied by a wide iconographic repertoire, the central essay of Gianluca Frediani examines the historic consistency of the museum and describes precisely the close phases of Scarpa’s work. The attention is focused -on the one hand- on discovering the close relationship with the landscape and -on the other- on identifying Scarpa’s references in the legacy of classical models and the outcomes of the Modern Movement. The volume, concluded by a brief essay by Susanna Pasquali, is richly illustrated by an in-depth photographic investigation by Alessandra Chemollo.

Gianluca Frediani teaches Architectural Design at the University of Ferrara since 1993. He alternates theory and practice, together with Barbara Gasser, in Italy and Austria. Also a professor at the Institut für Stadt- und Baugeschichte of TU Graz, he has written many essays on themes of modern and contemporary architecture. He has focused on the work of Carlo Scarpa on several occasions, recently publishing also the book Quote e Orizzonti. Carlo Scarpa e i paesaggi veneti, Quodlibet, 2015.